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Hinata's Embarrassing Day:

Hinata breathed a sigh of pleasure as she felt the tension that had built up in the muscles of her back and legs began to slowly evaporate in the glorious warmth of the Hidden Leaf's recently rebuilt hot springs. As she massaged the stiffness out of her left shoulder she began to run through her memories of her last mission. She had been teamed up with Naruto, Kiba, Akamaru and Neji. Neji was squad leader as he was a Jonin. Naruto was in a bit of a bad mood. Though he did grudgingly respected Neji's talent and leadership capabilities, they were polar opposites when it came to their personalities. Neji was calm and calculating, while Naruto was headstrong and brash. This often led to friction between the two. Kiba always took the opportunity to tease Naruto during these squabbles.

This time something strange happened as they approached the gates to the village. Hinata smiled to herself as she lowered herself further into the water, until only her head was above the surface. Letting out a small yawn and another sigh relaxed pleasure she allowed the warmth of the water and the memories of that morning wash over her.

(That morning: Neji's team was returning from a meeting with representative ninjas of the Hidden Sand village. As a precaution to prevent interception by the remaining agents of the Akatsuki they had stayed off all the main roads and had trekked through paddy fields and rocky terrain all the way to the meeting point and all the way back. Now that the shape of the village's gates was beginning to come into focus in the near distance the team was all the more eager to give their report to Lady Tsunade and set about recuperating.)

Naruto (yawning loudly): Dattebayo! I so can't wait to get the report over with and hit the hot springs!!
Kiba (yawning as well): Dammit! Now you got me yawning! Ya know, the hot sprngs were kinda flattened with the rest of the village when Pain attacked, how're you gonna get a dip in a pile of rubble?
Naruto (a dark look passes across his face): I'm well aware of what happened to the village; saw the results of the attack for myself!
Kiba (thinking to himself): He may have saved the people of the village, but he's still feeling guilty he wasn't there to defend it from the beginning. I know he still can't believe his luck that Pain brought all those we lost back, if not for that-
Naruto (whose voice suddenly snaps Kiba to attention): Anyway! They finished the rebuild of the hot springs before we left.
Kiba: How did you hear that?
Naruto: Old man Teuchi told me about it in Ichiraku's. Hinata, you were there to get me for the mission when he said it right?
Hinata (nervously): Y-yes, I was Naruto-kun.
Neji: Naruto, we must first see that our mission report gets to the Hokage, then you can relax, until then don't let your guard down.
Naruto: You never switch off do you?
Kiba: Haha! He's just making up for the fact that you never switch on!
Naruto (rounding on Kiba): What the hell does that mean?!
Kiba (laughing and idly stroking Akamaru's head): Well, you always charge straight into trouble. I guess as a Genin, we shouldn't expect you to be able to understand the finer complexities of tactics we Chunin employ.
Hinata: Kiba-kun!-
Neji: Well Kiba, if Naruto's lack of tactical clarity is due to being a Genin, as a Chunin, what's your excuse?
Kiba: Eh?!
Naruto: Hah! How you ever passed that exam is beyond me! You're worse than I am sometimes!
Akamaru: Arf! Arf!
Kiba: Not you too Akamaru!!
Neji: Naruto's powers are on a different level to ours, He's been able to handle what's been thrown at him, you're not as fortunate in your abilities, not without further training.
Hinata: Yes.... we've all got a long way to go before we can catch up to you Naruto –kun.....

(Kiba crosses his arms and pouts, then suddenly he rounds on Neji)

Kiba: Hey Neji, you just complimented Naruto there...
Neji (suddenly irritable): I did no such thing!
Naruto: Hey!! You called me more powerful than you!!
Neji (cheeks reddening): I did not! I said you were on a different level, not-
Kiba: Yeah a HIGHER level!!
Neji: That's not-
Naruto:I'm touched that you think so highly of me!
Neji: Dammit!

(Hinata starts to giggle at Naruto and Kiba's jibes at Neji. Neji hears this and his embarrassment increases)

Neji: Lady Hinata! Childish jokes such as these are below the acknowledgement of the Hyuuga clan! Especially from the main branch!
Hinata (suddenly feeling ashamed): S-sorry Neji-kun!
Naruto (stops dead and slowly turns towards Neji): Neji! Don't make Hinata feel bad just because you're in a bad mood, I beat you down three years ago for doing the same thing, just because you're a Jonin now doesn't mean I won't do it again!

(Seeing the look in Naruto's eyes Neji realized the dangerous situation his brash reaction had put him in.  Kiba was eyeing Neji gauging the best angle to strike from in support of Naruto; Hinata was his team mate after all. Akamaru had wandered up to Hinata's side, but his head turned back towards Neji, his fangs bared as a clear threat).

Neji: A-apologies Lady Hinata, I spoke out of turn.
Hinata: It's okay...

(Hinata Didn't look back at the others, her cheeks were flushed; Naruto had stood up for her, he was willing to fight her cousin for her sake, even though he won last time he was pretty badly hurt. The fact that he was willing to risk that all again meant the world to Hinata. She felt that she should thank him).

Hinata (looking over to Naruto): N-Naruto-kun?
Naruto (looks at Hinata and gives her a big grin): No worries, anytime!
Hinata (suddenly goes red): Thank you...
Naruto (noticing her redness): Hey Hinata, you okay? You look a little flushed, we're close to the village but we can rest awhile if you're tired.
Neji: Naruto, we can't stop, we need to get back, and it'll be safer if we stay moving.
Naruto: But-
Hinata: I'm okay, really, just a little hungry is all...
Kiba: yeah i'm pretty starving too...
Naruto: Right after the hot springs Ichiraku ramen is on me!
Kiba: You buying others ramen? did you hit your head when we weren't looking?
Naruto: Actually after helping old man Teuchi rebuild Ichiraku's, he gave me a load of coupons for free meals as a thank you. But if you're not in the mood you don't have to come...
Kiba: You mean miss the first time Naruto Uzumaki, hero of the Hidden Leaf buys ramen for others EVER?? Not a chance!

Naruto and Kiba laugh away as they pass under the arch of the village's gates. Hinata keeps her head down, allowing her long hair to hide her face, which has been a bright scarlet since Naruto smiled at her. "Naruto is treating me to dinner" She thought to herself, "He's actually going to treat me to some of his favorite ramen" She didn't care that Kiba and maybe Neji would be there, this was the closest thing to a date she had ever been on with Naruto.

A few minutes later and they are giving their report to Lady Tsunade. She was thankful Neji was the one to do all the talking, she could barely keep herself Upright, she couldn't believe she was going to have dinner with Naruto.

Tsunade: Right, congratulations on a successful mission.
Neji: thank you lady Hokage.

(Tsunade notices Hinata's strange mood and is about to address her on it when Naruto interrupts).

Naruto: Alright! Then it's off to the hot springs!
Kiba (grinning widely): Then it's dinner on you at Ichiraku's, right Naruto?
Naruto (Grinning just as widely): Right!

(At that Hinata's face goes as red as is humanly possible. Tsunade understands Hinata's reaction straight away and smiles. glancing to her left she sees Shizune has noticed and understands as well).

Shizune: Wow! Naruto treating others to ramen, Are you sure Naruto didn't hit his head off a low hanging branch or something?
Kiba: Teuchi gave him coupons for his help rebuilding Ichiraku's
Shizune: Ah! so that's it! so there really is only so much ramen you can eat before you have to share it with others!
Naruto: Dattebayo! I go through the effort of treating my friends to some lunch and I only get mocked, well then I guess I should forget about making this a regular thing!
Kiba: No need to get touchy! Anyway there's no way you have that many coupons to make this a regular thing....... right?
Naruto (simply smiles and heads to the door): Hot springs time!
Kiba (runs after Naruto, his voice heard echoing though the halls): Hey Naruto! Answer my Question!
Neji: I must report back to the clan on myself and Lady Hinata's behalf, then I'll attend my other duties.
Tsunade (after the others are gone): You can relax now Hinata, They're gone.
Hinata (snapping out of her daze): What? Oh! i'd better get to the hot springs then.
Shizune (giggling): Wouldn't want to be late for dinner after wards!
Hinata (turning red again): No..... I-I wouldn't!

Hinata rushes out of the Hokage's office and heads straight to the hot springs.

This Is a NaruHina fan-fic. I't my first attempt at one. it was inspired by this picture:

[link] By: :iconxxnessa-chanxx:

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

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Part 5: [link]
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Dragon-hime Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
I like this start!!!:) (Smile) 
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I'm back to reread!! This story is sooo cool:) Although, to this guy, even the manga is reading like a NaruHina story lately!
toasterroaster Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
Thanks so much!! :D :D Yeah, Kishi's really paying the Naruhina card now :D
floput Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Oh my gawd!!! Naruto... THE Naruto, inviting someone to ramen :iconjawdroppingplz: haha I love this :iconawwwplz:
toasterroaster Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Yeah, a lifetime's supply of free ramen coupons will make anybody charitable.

... Well I say lifetime supply, but a the rate that he eats ramen, I'd say three months tops before they're all gone... :P :P lol!
floput Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
Yup, that is a fact, those are NOT gonna last long :lmao:
toasterroaster Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
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demonslayer5725 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
This really is a very nice piece! I can't wait to see the second part.
toasterroaster Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
Thank you so much :D :D I already finished this part of the story, the links to the next four pieces have now been added to the description, sorry I thought I had them there already :P
demonslayer5725 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
I have now read the entire thing. I have to say, the ending was so perfect!!! It's a great fanfic. I also read the 'Kido and Fireworks don't mix' fanfic. AMAZING. Very nice piece, and I can't wait until you get part three up!
toasterroaster Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Thank you so much! :D :D I'm a little stalled on part three... My laptop charger broke so i'm sharing with someone else and I'm not on it as much as I'd like :P :P After part three there will be another series called 'Desert of Blood' which will follow Cato's exploits with the expedition unit, before becoming captain, as well as the first date between Hinata and Naruto, which will be a double date with Konohamaru and Hanabi. :D :D

Part three should be up tomorrow :D
demonslayer5725 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Woot! Lots of great stuff to expect from a great writer! Nice. Sorry I'm not a huge commenter, but I will make sure to read everything. Can't wait to read it!
toasterroaster Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Thanks :D :D :D
randyneal Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012
Cool start...I like the interaction between the characters. Naruto stands up for Hinata! I do wonder how the pic figures into the idea that inspired the story. Good chapter.
xXnessa-chanXx Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
that´s just awesome!
i´m really looking forward to part 2! :iconlaplz:
toasterroaster Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
Thanks a million :D I'm typing up part. 2 as we speak :D Should be up in a short while :D I'll make sure to put links to each new chapter on the other chapter descriptions.
xXnessa-chanXx Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you´re so welcome! :meow:
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